Fuse - Current Limiting High Speed Class J (35-60 Amp)

Product Description: F-CC-FA

Class J Current Limiting High Speed Fuse, 600VAC, 1-1/16 x 2-3/8 inches

Main branch fusing protects your personnel, equipment, and temperature control enclosure from over-current conditions caused by heater short circuits, electrical supply over-voltage events, and other fault conditions.

Electrical code requires heater current protection to be sized 125% of the full load current and not to exceed the current ratings of the individual components or wiring. The power controller manufacture recommends not exceeding 165% of the full load current. Do not exceed the maximum fuse size listed in the temperature control panel specifications.
Fuse Sizing Diagrams and Tables

Shift Controls temperature control enclosures designed safety into our enclosures by including Current Limiting High-Speed fusing to protect the power controller and the available energy released in a fault condition. This also allows a industry leading Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100kA.

Order replacement or spare fuses to minimize downtime or when changing the heating load connected to the temperature control enclosure.

If you have any question regarding features, technical specifications, or applications, feel free to call or email our knowledgeable staff.
$ 30.00