Fuse Selection Guide

  All Shift Controls temperature control panels include current limiting fuses for the main branch fusing. This is to help protect personnel from injury and equipment from potential damage by limiting the amount of current during a fault. By using current limiting fusing, all panels have an industry leading Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100,000 Amps.

This technical article summarizes the fuse types, manufacture cross reference, and sizing with a easy to use diagrams and tables.


  • Brad Kettler

Understanding Zero-Cross and Phase-Angle Control

  This technical article provides a brief summary of different types of industrial heaters, heater power controllers and which control product is the best solution for your system.

Types of Industrial Heaters and Controllers
Shift Controls ISPA series use proportional zero-cross Solid state relay (SSR) controllers and the IFPA series uses proportional zero-cross silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers for standard, resistive heater applications. Zero-cross power controllers are ideal for the most common type of resistive process heaters.

  • Brad Kettler