About Us Temp Control

Shift Controls is a manufacturer of industrial temperature control panels, built with exceptional quality, safety, features, and support.

Our business is founded on the idea of bypassing the traditionally frustrating buying process. We streamlined the process by having our current inventory, documentation, and pricing available online for easy purchase. No more long quoting process, unknown pricing, and long lead-times. We sell direct to you, our customers - there are no intermediate vendors or companies in the way. We believe this facilitates simpler, faster and more efficient transactions.

Shift Controls was started by engineers to make the process of buying industrial temperature control products fast and easy. Our goal is to provide customers with the information and products they need in a timely manner, by selling directly and maintaining a stock of products, ready to ship.

If you need any help or have questions, please call us at 720-532-1776. For sales, e-mail us at sales@shift-controls.com. For technical support, e-mail us at support@shift-controls.com.

What Makes Us Different:
  • We simplified the buying process by selling directly to our customers wth inventory and prices available online.
  • We manufacture the products before you need them. Our goal is to keep all our products in stock and ready to ship.
  • Our products are manufactured in-house in Denver, Colorado, using the best components from name brand companies.
  • We provide unmatched support including a complete bounded color operations manual for all of our temperature control panels, not just a quick start guide for the temperature controller.
  • We provide full page wiring schematics, with corresponding wire, terminal block and component labels.
What Makes our Products Different:
  • PID temperature controllers include advanced features - auto tuning, programmable temperature ramping and profiles, and external interfacing features
  • RS-485 communications, temperature re-transmit , and a programmable alarm are included standard
  • All internal components are finger safe, there are no open frames or exposed terminals
  • Fuse holders are an enclosed disconnect style, not open frame holders
  • Control panels ship with control and power fuses included
  • Our full-featured product line (IFPA series) includes a fused disconnect with door mounted handle, standard
  • All products use solid-state (SSR or SCR) power controllers
  • All products include an over-temperature alarm with power disconnect safety contactor
  • The front door control switch isolates heater power through a power disconnect contactor
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100kA