Motion Control Solutions
Shift Controls develops innovative solutions for motion control applications that prioritize safety, ease of installation, and user operability. We design a custom solution that incorporates your selection of drives, PLCs, communication protocols, HMIs, operator tablets, and field devices. We have experience designing a system that meets your functional safety requirements including the selection of safety relays, safety contactors, E-Stops, switches, and other safety field devices. In addition, we have motion control partners that can help select the motion hardware, software, and actuators that best meet your motion control needs providing you with a turnkey solution. Let us know how we can help with your project and we will design a quality, cost effective solution, on your schedule. Custom Panel Inquiry Form

Recent Custom Solutions

3-Axis Gantry Motion Control System

Shift Controls was approached to design a 3-Axis motion control panel to be used in a high precision positioning system for a medical device manufacturer. This system would be an update to an existing system using the same motors and drives as the older system, so they could retain their existing programming and software, but have additional features that would allow them to correct the shortcomings of the previous system. The existing system suffered from drive related noise issues, so drive motor and feed power filtering was added. In addition, a safety system with local and remote E-Stops was designed and implemented. 

Platform Leveling Actuator Panel

Shift Controls was approached to design a motion control panel that automatically leveled a manned control room that was positioned on a moving structure. This control panel would be subject to corrosive marine spray and high humidity. This was a simple motion system which drove a single large linear actuator attached to the control room which extended and retracted to maintain a level control room as the surrounding structure moved during operation. The panel would also interface with an Allen Bradley control system for alarming and monitoring.

Automated Filter Winding Machine

Shift Controls was approached to design a motion control panel that automated the winding of filter cartridges that were previously manufactured with manual machines consisting of fixed winding gearboxes and significant operator supervision and intervention.

Mobile Platform Lift Control

A mobile platform lift cart was designed by one of our motion partners which used a large electric linear actuator for lifting equipment precisely for a manufacturing process. Shift Controls was approached to design a control panel to control this actuator, monitor limit switches, operator commands, and provide equipment safety. The whole system was designed to be modular, mobile, and powered by rechargeable batteries. Shift Controls developed mechanical drawings and wiring diagrams for project approval to ensure all the design requirements were met before construction began.

Linear Conveyor Host and Power Panel

Shift Controls was approached to design a control panel and power panel to control a robotic, high-precision linear conveyor manufacturing system. The panels were designed to be modular where the communication host module, and safety relay, EtherNet/IP gateway, and safety signal distribution would be contained in a “host” panel. The host panel would perform the processing, be the communication hub, and also contain the safety relay controller for the satellite power panels. The power panels would contain the DC power supplies and power the drivers for the individual linear conveyor controllers.