IFPA Options

Shift Controls understands having the right options available reduces installation time and costs. We are committed to providing your temperature control panel with the options you need for easy installation, commissioning, and operation.

Below are the factory available options, feel free to contact our technical team for any other option or configuration. We will be happy to provide a customized solution for you.
Add the ability to remotely enable and disable the temperature control panel. When the Enable/Interlock Relay coil is energized, the safety power contactor is energized and the controller is put into RUN Mode.
Factory Stocked Options 24 VDC Coil, 120V VAC Coil
Factory Stocked Options

Thermocople Type: K, J

Factory Custom Options
(Typically 7-Day Lead-Time)
Thermocouple Type: T, E, N, R, S, B, L, U, TXK
RTD: JPt100, Pt100, Ni120, Cu50
Analog: 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
Internal DIN Mount Bi-Metal Screw Terminal Block (Standard) A thermocouple screw terminal block is provided internal to the panel for easy sensor installation. 
Factory Custom Options (Typically 7-Day Lead Time) Contact our factory for other sensor connection options. This can be helpful in ensuring standardization of connectors across your facility. We can provide a customized solution upon request.
Panel Maximum Rated Fuse Size
Main fuse protection of heater loads should be sized to at least 125%  and not more than 160% (power controller manufacturer recommendation) of the heater's full load current. Panels will include a set fuses sized for the panel maximum allowable current.
Factory Custom Options
(Typically 5-Day Lead Time)
Choose to include another fuse size from the drop down menu.
Internal DIN Mount Screw Terminal Blocks (Line and Load) The line and load wiring is connected to the panel by screw terminal blocks. This option provides the greatest flexibility in either conduit or corded installations.
Factory Custom Options
(Typically 7-Day Lead Time)
Contact our technical team for other connection options such as Line and Load cords with twist-lock plug and sockets.