Nano-Filtration Control System


A customer procured a used nano-filtration skid with existing piping and field instrumentation. Unfortunately, the filtration skid did not include a functional control system. Shift Controls was tasked to design, build, program, and field commision a new control panel for the skid in approximately 5 weeks. The project scope included:

  • The design and build of a new control panel with wiring diagrams and mechanical layout drawings
  • Programming new PLC control software with control loops and equipment interlocks
  • Creating the HMI interface with trending, alarming, DCS interfacing
  • Developing a E-Stop safety system
  • Interfacing the new control panel with the existing field device termination panel
  • Panel installation, wiring, and functional commissioning all the devices and equipment

Shift Controls had the engineering and process design experience to read P&IDs and wiring diagrams and understand the process to create a control narrative and then program the required control software including the control loops, interlocks, startup and shutdown sequences.

Electrical and Safety Design

Shift Control designed a new control panel for the filtration skid (gray panel with HMI). The panel included a fused disconnect with a door mounted handle, drive power safety contactor, UL489 circuit breakers for branch loads, motor connection terminal blocks, and a line filter for the pump VFD. For the controls, we integrated a 480/120VAC control transformer to supply the 120VAC powered devices, a 24VDC control transformer, PLC with expansion cards, safety relay, and supplementary fusing and terminal blocks for all field instrumentation.

There was an existing field instrumentation patch panel (blue panel) mounted on the skid where all the field instrumentation was terminated. The new control panel was wired to this patch panel with multi-conductor wiring to reduce installation time.

Shift Controls developed mechanical drawings and wiring diagrams for project approval to ensure the design requirements were met before panel construction began and to help minimize field installation time.


All of the PLC programming and HMI development was designed and programmed in-house by the Shift Controls engineering team. The skid contains several PID control loops, a chemical dosing pump, centrifugal pump with integral VFD, water flow meters, pneumatically actuated block valves, pressure switches and analytical instrumentation.

Installation and Commissioning

The new control panel was installed on the skid and wired to the existing patch panel. The filtration skid had not been operated in many years so all of the field devices were functionally commissioned before final wet testing the whole system. As a final step, Shift Controls trained the system operators and engineers on the control software.


The nano-filtration skid is now fully commissioned and is being integrated with the customer's other process equipment.

Custom Designs

Shift Controls has extensive experience in designing and fabricating custom UL508A panels to meet the most difficult design and environmental requirements. Like this project, we listen to your specific project requirements and custom design a system that meets your process and cost requirements. As always, feel free to contact us regarding your project or if you have any questions.