Single Phase, 120 VAC, 15 Amp, 1800W

Product Description: ISPA-120-1P-15A

Shift Controls ISPA temperature control panels feature advanced PID temperature control with industry leading safety, construction quality, and control system integration. Power is controlled by a zero-cross SSR for precise temperature control. All enclosures include a disconnecting fuse holder, front mount SAFE/RUN control switch, and a safety contactor to positively disconnect the heater from power when in the SAFE switch position, an over-temperature alarm state, or a thermocouple fault condition.

Seamlessly integrate your control system with a 4-20mA temperature retransmit, user programmable alarm contacts, RS-485 Modbus, and optional external interlock. The NEMA 4X corrosion resistant enclosure is ideal for your most demanding industrial and laboratory environments.

The temperature control panel power connections can be configured from the factory with line and load screw terminals, 5 foot long cords and NEMA 5-15 plug and receptacle, or 12 foot cords with an integrated GFI NEMA 5-15 plug and receptacle. The integrated GFI plug should be used where the heater may be exposed to moisture or water.

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If you have any question regarding features, technical specifications, or applications, feel free to call or email our knowledgeable staff.

$ 1,550.00
Shift Controls full featured integrated temperature control panels feature industry leading control, integration, and safety. All panels are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality components and construction standards.

Applications: ISPA series temperature control panels are ideal for controlling 120 Volt heat trace and heat cable, immersion heaters, process heaters, gas preheaters, retort and muffle furnaces, and other resistive heaters.
Voltage 120 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
Phases Single
Full Load Current Rating 15 Amps
Power Rating 1800 W
Power Controller SSR (Zero-Cross)
Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) 100kA
Digital Temperature Controller Advanced PID Controller with Autotuning, Temperature Ramping and Programmable Profiles, 10-Segment LED Power Output Display, Color Changing Display Face when in Alarm, Temperature Filtering  
Front Panel Mounted SAFE/RUN Switch  When the control switch is in the SAFE position, Controller is set to Stop mode and the Safety Contactor is Opened
MODBUS Interface Addressable RS-485 MODBUS Communication (RTU or ASCII)
Data Register Tables and Communication Protocols are Detailed in the Manual
Analog Temperature Retransmit 4-20 mA Sourcing Signal Available Through Terminal Blocks
Programmable Over-Temperature Alarm/Status 250VAC, 5 Amp, Dry-Contact, Normally Open Relay Contact Available Through Terminal Blocks
Optional Remote Enable 24 VDC or 120 VAC Interlock Relay Available
Electrical Construction All Internal Terminals and Components are Finger-Safe (IP20)
Electrical Design and Construction Excced NEC and UL-508A Standards
Main Power Fusing Class CC Fast Acting Fuse Included
Disconnecting and Indicating Fuse Holder
Control Power Fusing 1 Amp 5x20mm Glass Fast Acting Fuse Included
Disconnecting and Indicating Fuse Holder
Heater Load Disconnect-
Safety Contactor Opens Upon
Overtemperature Condition - Programmable and Latching
Front Panel Safe/Run Switch Placed in Safe Position
Open Thermocouple or Open Sensor Optional External Interlock
Factory Acceptance Testing Fully Inspected and Tested Under Load Before Shipment
Agency Approvals All Components are UL Listed or Recognized
Components Securely Mounted with Grounded DIN Rail Mounts
Name Brand American and German Manufacturers
Wiring Connections Labeled Terminal Blocks Used for Wiring Connections
Wires Terminated with Ferrules or Spade Ends, Clearly Labeled with Wire Numbers Corresponding to Included Wiring Diagrams
Enclosure 11.9" x 10.2" x 5.9" (H x W x D)
Enclosure Material Polycarbonate Enclosure with Stainless Steel Hardware
Environmental Rating NEMA 4X Washdown Rated, IP66
Ambient Temperature Rating 32 to 95°F (0 to 35°C)
Indoor Use Only
Storage Temperature Range -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)
Relative Humidity 10-85% Non-Condensing
Altitude 2000m or less
Shift Controls is committed to producing a product where safety is paramount. We realize safety directly corresponds to meticulous design, selecting the highest quality components, and demanding perfection in construction.
A two-position RUN/SAFE selector switch allows an operator to place the temperature control panel in SAFE mode when not in use. This de-energizes the safety contactor and places the controller in a STOP mode.
Power is physically disconnected from the heater by an electromechanical contactor when the following occurs:
• The SAFE/RUN Switch is placed in the SAFE position
• An over-temperature condition occurs (PV > ALARM Temp)
• A sensor fault occurs (ex. thermocouple becomes disconnected)
• The optional external interlock relay is de-energized
This feature ensures power is disconnected from the heater to protect personnel and equipment during a fault, over-temperature condition or when not in use.
All panels feature current-limiting fusing which comply with main branch power distribution requirements. The current-limiting specification limits the energy released during an over-current condition and allows the panel to be rated with an industry leading Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100 kA.
The interior of the panel is designed and constructed to be fully finger-safe (IP2X) which can reduce the risk of accidental contact with energized parts during OSHA and NFPA 70E allowable energized work.
All components are manufactured by industry leading name brands and are UL Listed or UL Recognized. The panel design complies with or exceeds UL508A and NEC Electrical Codes. All wires and terminal blocks are clearly labeled and numbered according to the included detailed wiring diagrams. Control wiring is separated from the main power wiring, through fuse protection, reducing risk to the user and connected systems. 
Shift Controls understands having the right options available reduces installation time and costs. We are committed to providing your temperature control panel with the options you need for easy installation, commissioning, and operation.

Below are the factory available options, feel free to contact our technical team for any other option or configuration. We will be happy to provide a customized solution for you.
Internal DIN Mount Screw Terminal Blocks - Line and Load (Standard) Line and load wiring is connected to the panel by screw terminal blocks. This option provides the greatest flexibility in either conduit or corded installations.
15 Amp Power Cord (Optional) Line and load wiring, connected from the factory, using a heavy duty power cord. 5 foot plug and 5 foot receptacle cord length.
15 Amp GFI Power Cord (Optional) Line and load wiring, connected from the factory, using a heavy duty power cord with integral GFI outlet. 12 foot plug and 12 foot receptacle cord length.
Add the ability to remotely enable and disable the temperature control panel. When the Enable/Interlock Relay coil is energized, the safety power contactor is energized and the controller is put into RUN Mode.
Factory Stocked Options 24 VDC Coil, 120V VAC Coil
Factory Stocked Options

Thermocople Type: K, J

Factory Custom Options
(Typically 7-Day Lead-Time)
Thermocouple Type: T, E, N, R, S, B, L, U, TXK
RTD: JPt100, Pt100, Ni120, Cu50
Analog: 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
Internal DIN Mount Bi-Metal Screw Terminal Block A thermocouple screw terminal block option, mounted internal to the panel for easy sensor installation. 
External Standard Size Thermocouple Jack Panel Connector An externally accessible thermocouple connector option, allowing thermocouples to be swapped easily and quickly.
Factory Custom Options (Typically 7-Day Lead Time) Contact our factory for other sensor connection options. This can be helpful in ensuring standardization of connectors across your facility. We can provide a customized solution upon request.
Panel Maximum Rated Fuse Size
Main fuse protection of heater loads should be sized to at least 125%  and not more than 160% (power controller manufacturer recommendation) of the heater's full load current. Panels will include a set fuses sized for the panel maximum allowable current.
Factory Custom Options
(Typically 5-Day Lead Time)
Choose to include another fuse size from the drop down menu.